The Healthiest Soda


People might wonder what soda is the healthiest. There are a lot of good soda drinks to choose from in making this choice.

Tonic water is meant to be very good for a person. This water can help to ward off disease due to the quinine in the drink. Sailors used to drink this to ward off scurvy. It is difficult to imagine that tonic water would taste good without gin, but other non alcoholic beverages can be added to it.

In this hipster world, there are a variety of supplements to offset the taste of tonic water. One of these mixtures is watermelon juice. Watermelon juice has more potassium than a banana, so mixing watermelon juice and tonic water is a healthy combination.

Other people might want to add a touch of lavender to the tonic water. Many people like the strong taste of lavender and it will also offset the bitterness.